Nazraeli Press
346×426 mm
31 four-color plates
500 copies
ISBN :978-1590052242

This book contains Suzuki’s photographs of snow and cherry blossom. Suzuki began to photograph snow after reading an essay by the physicist Ukichiro Nakaya. Nakaya is famous for his research on the crystallization of snow and for his remark, “snow crystals are tidings from heaven”. When Suzuki stood in the snow-covered fields on Mount Tokachi in Hokkaido, he wondered whether the pure white snow could be rendered as a photographic image. This question is the theme of White. Suzuki used 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 inch film cameras to photograph the series SAKURA, intentionally narrowing the depth of field to a single point and letting the foreground and background go out of focus. This focal technique produces a sense of spatial depth, making it difficult to distinguish between the foreground and the background, and forcing the viewer to seek out the point in focus. It evokes the feeling of viewing cherry blossoms under the trees.