〔Book〕Dontenki / Photograph

Edition Nord


Box: 198 x 150 mm
Body: 187 x 139 mm
Book exterior: cardboard box, cover with foil stamping
Printing: high precision laser Print
Binging: PUR binding, pouch binding, cloth covering on the back, hollow back
Number of pages: 200 p
Number of pictures:188 / black and white
Publishing date: May 1st, 2020
First edition of 500


Design by Shin Akiyama + Keiko Miyahara / edition.nord
Printing by poncotan w&g
Binding by inuuniq Inc. and chiku chiku laboratory
Assembling by chiku chiku laboratory


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“Dontenki / Photograph” is a collection of photographs for the serial short stories “Dontenki” by Toshiyuki Horie in the monthly magazine Tokyo-jin .