Atelier of Cézanne, Six by Six: Set Two

Nazraeli Press
369×295 mm
16 four-color plates
Limited to 100 copies, subscription-based
with an original print

Memories dwell in materials. Standing in Cézanne’s atelier, Suzuki felt as if he was present at the painter’s time. The atelier retains its original furniture and is now open to the public. The table, the skeletons on the chest, and the wall with serene light from the window — everything about the room looked as if it was still waiting for a new creation by the painter. Suzuki visited the atelier again with 8×10 inch camera and photographed the interior from Cézanne’s point of view. This series is an attempt to visualize the memories that dwell in materials.

Six by Six is a subscription-based series, published in six sets of six titles each. A standalone, expanded book of this work is scheduled for publication in 2013 by same publisher.