SUZUKI RISAKU:hysteric Eight

Hysteric Glamour, Tokyo
20 four-color plates
edition of 500 copies
editor:Michitaka Ohta, Osamu Wataya, Yumi Morimoto
Design: Toshio Shiratani
Printing Direction: Hisayoshi Hikosou

In his photographs of the famous cherry blossoms of Yoshino, Suzuki sought to depict not the conventional symbol of Japanese beauty but rather the presence of time. Using a 4 x 5 inch film camera, Suzuki narrowed the depth of field to a single point and let the foreground and background go out of focus. With this technique, the blossoms of the intersecting branches appear melded together as one, making it difficult to distinguish the foreground from the background in the photographs. This series is about the experience of time and vision.

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