Kumano, Yuki, Sakura

Tankosha, Kyoto
242 ×198 mm
78 four-color plates
Design: Akiyama Shin and Matsui Kentaro/Schtücco
Printing Direction: Nakae Kazuo
Printed and Bound by Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 978-4473034410 (English edition)

This is the official catalogue of Suzuki’s solo exhibition Kumano, Yuki, Sakura, held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. It contains three series, each of which is autonomous as well as a constituent element of the whole. Kumano and Yuki (snow in Japanese) are connected through the imagery of falling water, and Yuki and Sakura (cherry blossoms in Japanese) are linked through Suzuki’s cross-fade technique. The catalogue gives the impression of an integrated whole, not mere a collection of photos. Suzuki won the Photographic Society of Japan Award for this exhibition.

Text: “The Sublime and the Blank” by Kiyokazu Washida/ “The Photographer as Pendulum, The Arc between the Moment and Eternity” by Harumi Niwa/Exhibition history and Bibliography/List of works (in English)