La plaque sunsible

AKAAKA Art Publishing Inc.
April 2020112pp246 × 342mm Cloth hardcover
Design: Yuri Suyama
Essay: Risaku Suzuki
Printed and Bound by Live Art Books Inc.(Daishinsha Inc.)
Printing Direction: Fumiyoshi Ishihara
Project coordination by Yoshiyuki Kawamura
Published in April 2020
ISBN: 978-4-86541-112-6

* Special edition with Type C print
(selectable one from 2 images, limited 15 edition each).

AKAAKA Art Publishing Inc.

My interest in artists who began painting before the advent of photography, and who explored new approaches during the emergence of photography, lead me photograph the sites of their work. I was not interested in the perspectives from which they painted nor the present state of the landscapes they depicted. Traveling to the places they painted, I wanted to experience the landscape, the weather, the changes in light, the direction of the wind, to think about what the painters felt and what they sought there.