Mont Sainte Victoire

Nazraeli Press ,Tucson ,Arizona
348×409 mm
 four-color plates
ISBN: 978-1590050859

In 2000 Suzuki visited Aix-en-Provence because of his fascination with Mont Sainte Victoire, the mountain that Paul Cezanne painted so many times. Cézanne’s Mont Sainte Victoire was the first painting that took the mountain as it subject. Before Cézanne, mountains were generally painted as religious metaphors or as the scenery for portraits. Suzuki’s goal was to photograph the experience of seeing. He used a 6×7 inch camera to capture the feeling of movement, and a 8×10 view camera to capture the fixity of vision. This is Suzuki’s homage to Cézanne, whose paintings embodied the autonomous restructuring of solid forms. Suzuki won the 22nd Higashikawa Prize for this series.
Text: “Risaku Suzuki and Moving Photography” by Hideki Maeda/Biography and bibliography (English)