Stream of consciousness

Edition Nord
297 x 224mm
258 pp
265 ×387 mm
151 color plates
3 variations of white cloth-bound for museum shops and red cloth-bound for elsewhere
First edition of 1700
Design: Shin Akiyama+Kaori Suzuki/Edition Nord
Printed and bounded by Sun M Color Co., Ltd.

The official catalogue of the solo exhibition. “Risaku Suzuki: Stream of consciousness,” held at Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa and Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo. Consisting of work from such series as Between the Sea and the Mountain-Kumano, SAKURA, White, Étude, and Water Mirror; it offers a glimpse of Suzuki’s new approaches toward space and time. It includes texts by the art critic Minoru Shimizu and the anthropologist of religion Keiji Ueshima as well as a conversation between the art critic Shino Kuraishi and Suzuki. Suzuki won the 15th Photo City Sagamihara, Professional Division Grand Prize.