Water Mirror

Produced by FAPA (Fine-Art Photography Association)
Published by Case Publishing
260×360 mm
46 illustrations in color
Text: Yuri Mitsuda
Art Direction: Yoshihisa Tanaka
Price: ¥7,800 (tax excl.)
Inquiry: shashasha/Case Publishing
FAPA website


A camera is a device for acquiring part of an object, and I see photography as pure perception, courtesy of the camera.

For example, a baby seeing a mirror for the first time may start to cry, mistaking their own reflection for someone they don’t know, or extend a hand in an attempt to touch the world in the mirror. Every one of us must have looked at a mirror in that way once, but as experience permeates us, the act of looking becomes more efficient.

This being the case, what do photos of mirror reflections in water look like? Both trees surrounding a lake and virtual trees suspended in the water’s surface appear equal in photography.I see the water’s surface as a fascinating motif for contemplating the impossibility of seeing without relying on experience.

Risaku Suzuki